ITPeopleNetwork provides Advisory & Consultancy, End to End Project delivery and IT Staffing services to  large Fortune 500 customers and medium enterprises across United States of America and Europe. Providing the “Right Solutions, Right People, on Right Time, at the Right Price” is an integral component of our business model.


Our C-level top pedigree senior consultants offer practical perspectives and leading edge solutions to solve real business problems. We help organizations take decisive actions to avoid pitfalls, minimize risk, maximize measurable business value and achieve …
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Application Services

We provide end to end Application consulting services and technology expertise that helps organizations with their Application Development / Maintenance / Support, Enterprise Package Software Implementation and Testing needs across cloud, mobility, web and other enabling technologies.
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IT Security Services

We provide wide a range of IT Security services and Certified IT security professionals with pioneering expertise to help organizations safeguard their critical assets (infrastructure, data, identity & access management, applications etc.) by identifying, protecting and adequately responding to security threats.
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Integrated DEVOPS

We help organizations institutionalize DevOps framework (build poly-skilled teams, adopt agile delivery, establish interdisciplinary collaboration, introduce right tools, implement continuous integration and continuous delivery techniques, drive extensive automation) to achieve …
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Infrastructure Services

We provide end to end Infrastructure consulting services and technology expertise that helps organizations promptly respond to dynamic business needs through adoption of latest the technology solutions, industry best practices and modernization of IT infrastructure.
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Project Management

Our certified Project Managers help organizations meticulously execute critical initiatives and improve overall performance by applying advanced project management skills, experience, latest techniques, standards, processes, templates, metrics and reporting dashboards.
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About Us

ITPeopleNetwork is one of the fastest growing firms in United States headquartered in Chicago. We offer advisory and consultancy, end to end project delivery and IT staffing services to large (Fortune 500 customers) and medium enterprises across United States and Europe.

Providing the “Right Solutions, Right People, on Right Time, at Right Price” is an integral component of our business model.

We help enterprises achieve their business objectives through strategic consulting, effective and efficient service delivery, project management and operational leadership, technology and domain expertise and the creation of breakthrough innovative solutions across applications, infrastructure, security, digital computing in mobility and web space, data and cloud.

Our guiding principles stand on four legs – expertise, integrity, commitment and results with each focused around extending maximum business value and satisfaction to our customers at the BEST COST.

Why ITPeopleNetwork?

We offer unique combination of quality services, speed, business value and low cost.

Unique Differentiators

  • Leadership
    • Recognized as high performance firm that enables organizations to achieve top quartile performance
    • Strong emphasis on partnership and measurable business value
  • Quality of services
    • Pioneering expertise and experience
    • High caliber resources
  • Agility
    • Flexible engagement
    • Quick turnaround time
    • Strong oversight from senior management to ensure mutual success
  • Low Cost
    • Lean organization
    • Best pricing


  • Proven practical solutions
  • Gain incremental value
  • Improve quality, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Achieve top quartile performance
  • Reduce cost structures from base and incremental spending
  • Manage dedicated and variable resource capacity effectively and efficiently
  • Maintain control over delivery, team, scale, quality and performance
  • Realize significant cost savings